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We are growers, traders and exporters of organic quinoa and conventional quinoa in grain from Ayacucho, Peru.

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Quinoa is an Andean grain considered a superfood that is characterized by having a high nutritional value, it mainly contains proteins and essential amino acids.

We have organic and conventional quinoa.

Our Certifications

We have Good Fair Trade Practices (BPCJ) certification and organic certification RTPO (Peru), NOP-USDA (USA), CE (European Community) and Canada (Homologation with NOP-USDA).


Quinoa producers from Ayacucho exported 20 tons to Spain

Par 2020 Ranking: Companies with the highest gender equity in Peru and Latin America

Ayacucho Association completes its second shipment of quinoa to the European Union

Reward Promperú

In 2019, we received recognition from Promperú Oficial in the EXPORTING EFFORT category.



Benefits of quinoa

Protects the heart

Strengthens the immune system

It enhances sleep quality

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