ASPAGRO – Agricultura con impacto positivo

About Us

We are 132 quinoa growers from Ayacucho – Peru, who have been sowing and harvesting since 2013, and since we practiced the same principles of sustainability, we decided to unite in 2019, creating this way, ASPAGRO COMPANY S.A.C.

Our brand meaning goes much further

Contribute to a Sustainable and healthy Food, working together with the community, our partners growers, suppliers and customers, through a Regenerative agriculture and a Transparent management with Socio-economic and environmental responsibility aligned with the Objectives of sustainable development.

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Our Work

We work together with our suppliers, grower partners, community, collaborators and customers to contribute to a sustainable and healthy diet.

Our Vision

To offer the world a diet that improves lives.

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Our Triple Positive Impact

Impacto social


Through technical assistance in organic production, pest and disease management, workshops, internships and training courses in «Regenerative Agriculture and Climate Resilience» we improve the soft skills of our organic quinoa producer partners in Ayacucho, Peru.


We grant higher profit margins for organic quinoa producers in Ayacucho and offer a fair payment per kilo of quinoa.

Likewise, through advances to organic quinoa producers in Ayacucho, Peru, to produce organically, we contribute so that they can invest in planting quinoa.

Triple Positive Impact
Impacto ambiental


We are friendly to the environment, because we do not apply artificial pesticides in the production of organic quinoa in Ayacucho, Peru.

Our Value Proposition

Agriculture with positive socio-economic and environmental impact.

Our Purposes

  • To contribute to a positive socioeconomic impact
  • Be friendly to the environment
  • Give a fair payment to the grower
  • Do not involve child labor
  • Promote gender equity
  • Do not tolerate discrimination of any nature
  • Promote decent and safe working conditions
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Some of our farmers

Meet Fredy, our producer partner shares his story with us

Meet Yudy, our farmer. We tell you about her history

Meet Rodrigo, our producer who inspires us with his story

Our Participations

Launch of sustainable culture by PROMPERÚ

(Min 28:40 to 29:16)

Linkage Initiatives to Accelerate Innovation (IVAI) of Andean grains in Ayacucho

(Min 51:37 to 59:50)


Linkage Initiatives to Accelerate Innovation (IVAI) of Andean grains in Ayacucho

(Min 51:37 to 59:50)

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