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Transparency and Accountability

transparency and accountability

Current situation of organic agriculture in Peru

situacion actual de la agricultura orgánica en Perú

Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers

Creación de Oportunidades para Productores en Desventaja Económica

The magic of "compost" and how to prepare it at home

¿What is Fair Trade?

que es comercio justo

¿What environmental benefits does organic agriculture produce?

The 10 principles of fair trade

Par 2020 Ranking: Companies with the highest gender equity in Peru and Latin America

Organic agriculture: a tool for rural development sustainable and poverty reduction

Ayacucho Association completes its second shipment of quinoa to the European Union

Quinoa producers from Ayacucho exported 20 tons to Spain

How quinoa is changing the lives of farmers in Peru

Presentation of Peru at BIOFACH 2020

Quinoa producers from Ayacucho increase their shipments to Spain

Quinoa, granadilla, maca and other Peruvian products will be exhibited in Brazil this week

Logistics cost to export quinoa from Ayacucho is reduced by more than 10%

Organic quinoa farmers