ASPAGRO – Organic quinoa from Peru

Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers

Creación de Oportunidades para Productores en Desventaja Económica

Fair trade is based on the reduction of poverty, the first principle seeks through alternative trade to support marginalized small producers, whether they are independent family businesses or grouped in associations or cooperatives. Its purpose is to get them out of poverty and income insecurity, and lead them to achieve economic and self-sufficiency. Allowing them to be the ones who have possession and control over their lands, their homes, their income and manage to be «their own bosses».

At ASPAGRO we consider it important to create fair working alliances between producers and buyers in order to break the chain of economic inequality that continues to prevail in many economies around the world. By guaranteeing fair prices and a dignified life for our producers, what we achieve is to CHANGE the balance of power and give them autonomy and bargaining power.