ASPAGRO – Organic quinoa from Peru

Transparency and Accountability

transparency and accountability

The 2nd principle of Fair Trade aims to ensure that the organization is transparent in its management and commercial relations, treating the interested parties (community, producers, suppliers, clients and workers) in a fair, responsible and respectful manner. The organization must create ways of managing and disseminating information where interested parties can get involved and participate in decision-making.

ASPAGRO has a clear commitment to fair trade and with this approach, within the framework of the second principle of fair trade, implements and manages the following:

1. A communication strategy of approach and accompaniment, based on dialogue, which guarantees that the information to be transmitted reaches the interested parties in good condition, without suffering distortions and at the right time, using communication channels such as: platforms awareness campaigns, courses, workshops, radio broadcasting, printed and digital newsletters. With this approach, it complies with communicating its mission as an organization, advances in management, salary policies, pricing criteria, the instance of worker participation, among others.

2. Establishes a system of attention to requests, complaints, claims and suggestions, which allows knowing the different concerns and manifestations of the interest groups in order to strengthen and improve the capacity to register the different requests, responses and interactions between the concerned parties. This approach enables the continuous improvement of the management systems in the organization; For this reason, it makes available participation channels such as: Suggestion box, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS and telephone calls.

3. It establishes a traceability procedure that allows tracing all the steps that a product has followed from its origin, until it reaches the consumer’s hands. The objectives to be met with traceability are: provide truthful and transparent information, guarantee product quality and allow non-conformities to be detected.

4. Establishes, strengthens and maintains long-term, stable and supportive business relationships, based on dialogue and respect between producers, suppliers and consumers. All business actors involved must respect the principles of transparency and accountability.

It should be noted that this type of activity promotes transparent, direct and responsible communication with interested parties.