ASPAGRO – Organic quinoa from Peru

Promotion of Fair Trade

The fifth principle is intended for Fair Trade organizations to publicize the principles, criteria and indicators of fair trade, promote their objectives and activities through various communication, approach and support strategies, based on dialogue, honesty and transparency, which guarantees that the information to be transmitted reaches its stakeholders in good condition. In addition, it seeks to raise awareness of the need for greater justice in world trade.

ASPAGRO has a clear commitment to fair trade and with that approach, within the framework of the fifth principle of fair trade, implements and manages the following:

  • A training and promotion plan on fair trade within the company, aimed at workers.
  • A dissemination, training and promotion plan on fair trade outside the company, aimed at the community, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.


In both cases, in the process of promotion and awareness, ASPAGRO offers information on Fair Trade, its principles, criteria and indicators; additionally, information on the organization, products that it sells, producing partners that comprise it, advances in economic, social and environmental management, among others. For this purpose, it uses communication channels such as: digital platforms, awareness campaigns, courses, workshops, radio broadcast, printed and digital newsletters.

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