All about quinoa

Todo sobre la quinua

Do you think you know everything about quinoa? Here you will learn about its incredible nutritional profile, its benefits and more.

How to store raw quinoa

Almacenar la quinua cruda, how to store raw quinoa

Find out how to store raw quinoa and keep it fresh and tasty for a long time! Quinoa is a highly nutritious and versatile andean grain that has become a popular food worldwide. If you have just bought raw quinoa and want to know how to store it properly for future use, here are some […]

Principles of Fair Trade

Principios del Comercio Justo

Fair trade seeks to promote responsible production and trade patterns. There are different principles of fair trade.

Quinoa «Carretillera»

Carretilla de quinua Quinoa "Carretillera"

Did you know that the well-known quinoa «carretillera» is a traditional drink of Peru commercialized in various points of Lima and province.

Quinoa VS Wheat

Quinua vs trigo

We bring you an incredible duel between quinoa vs wheat, did you know the difference of its nutritional properties per 100gr?