Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Mexican quinoa bowl

Today we give you a recipe full of vitamin B that will protect your skin from flaking, dehydration and aging: the Mexican Quinoa Bowl.

Quinoa Sushi

Quinoa sushi

Today we share with you this delicious recipe that combines nutrition and protein. Enjoy Quinoa Sushi with your family.

Banana Bread with Quinoa

Banana bread with quinoa

We introduce you to the Banana Bread with Quinoa, a dessert to share with the family and take care of everyone’s health.

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Pepper

Bell pepper stuffed with quinoa

A delicious recipe for red blood cells: Quinoa Stuffed Bell Pepper, ideal for your body and to take care of your health.

Buddha Bowl with Quinoa

Buddha bowl with quinoa

A nutritious dish that will regulate your body’s blood pressure: Buddha Bowl with Quinoa, perfect for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Quinoa Pesto Bowl

Quinoa pesto bowl

Today we present you the Quinoa Pesto Bowl, a recipe that is rich in phosphorus and for our skin cells and tissues to regenerate quickly.

Quinoa Pancakes

Quinoa pancakes

Today we present you the Quinoa Pancakes, a dish rich in Omega 6 that benefits the health of our hair and skin.

Quinoa with ground beef

Quinoa with ground beef

We present to you: Quinoa with Ground Beef; a light dish that contains a high iron content, strengthening our hemoglobin and immune system.

Peruvian Style Quinoa Soup

Peruvian style quinoa soup

We have to take care or our health and consume foods that increase our defenses. That’s why we present you: Peruvian Style Quinoa Soup.