ASPAGRO – Organic quinoa from Peru

Meet Our Grower Fredy


His Story

I grew up in the fields, of agricultural parents and grandparents, I have worked in the fields since I was a teenager; However, for a time I left the countryside looking for other income alternatives to support my family. My wife and I had our first daughter very young, at 17 years old, we finished our high school with many complications due to the responsibilities that being parents brings.

I started my first jobs as a van driver, truck, cheese seller, we went along the route of the enterprise and inaugurated our trout fish farm, some malicious person made sure that the business did not prosper, they poisoned all our trout in the middle of the night And we lost everything We went to great lengths to get a loan and partner with some cousins ​​to start a new business, but we were scammed. With what little hope we had left, in the midst of the quinoa boom we decided to rededicate ourselves to agriculture.

His Field 'Pepito'

Our field is called «Pepito» in honor of the second of our children, José, who is special, has different physical and mental capacities and is a great value in our family.

José has the power to transform everything around him, since he came into our lives he has been and is our greatest strength, he is a symbol of constant struggle and courage, his smile is totally hopeful. It is the reason why we decided to call her “Pepito”.

With Us

As a member of ASPAGRO, with the higher margins I obtain, I can provide a better socioeconomic level for my family, I have been able to build my house, increase my hectares in the field and change my children from national schools to private ones.