ASPAGRO – Organic quinoa from Peru

Meet Our Grower Yudy

meet yudy

Her Story

I was born into a family of farmers and ranchers and I have always had a special bond with the land. As a child, I fondly remember herding sheep, drinking freshly milked milk, and eating fresh food from the day’s harvest; Those wonderful experiences marked my life and strengthened my connection to the field.

I finished my secondary studies with great difficulty, being a mother and a student was not an easy task for a 17-year-old teenager. Time passed and looking for better living conditions for my family, I left the countryside and migrated to the city, they were times of hard work without results that fill me with satisfaction. In this process my second son, José, would arrive; And with him, physical therapies were added to my housework, I was lucky to have the financial support of my cousin to take him to his therapies, at that time our financial situation was precarious.

My husband and I never felt satisfaction working for others and for several years we struggled to get our ventures off the ground. We went from being transporters to merchants, from trout farmers to grain collectors and even with partners from our closest environment we were the target of scams and bad intentions. Thus, in 2013, we saw quinoa and agroecology as an option to connect with our roots and make it our daily sustenance. It has not been easy, but it has been satisfactory.

Her Field 'Pepito'

Our farm has passed from generation to generation in my husband’s family. When we decided to work on it and return to our roots, the first thing we did was name it, “Pepito”, in honor of our greatest strength, our son José. As the mother of a child with different physical and mental capacities, you develop a strong and overwhelming personality against absurd looks and comments, it is very difficult to hurt us.

With that same strength, hope and love, a few years ago we decided to dedicate ourselves to agroecology and make our lands our source of income.

With Us

Being a member of ASPAGRO has been a great advantage, the socioeconomic level of my family has improved and I can offer my children better living conditions; But what I appreciate the most is the value they give to women within the organization, they take us on the path of empowerment and that makes me happy and makes me grow.