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Distribution and production of organic products. Organic quinoa varieties nationwide from Ayacucho. Certified products.

Quinoa is a cereal of Andean origin; which comes from the Chenopodium and Amaranthaceae families. Compared to other cereals, it has a greater amount of protein, which is why it is considered a super food worldwide.

We have organic and conventional quinoa.


Black Quinoa Grain
saco de quinua negra 25kg
White Quinoa Grain
saco de quinua blanca 25kg
Red Quinoa Grain
saco de quinua roja 25kg

According to costumer’s requirements.


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quinoa varieties

Quinoa varieties

Quinoa Varieties Quinoa varieties Quinoa is an Andean grain that has a wide genetic variability, which allows it to adapt to various environmental conditions and

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