ASPAGRO – Organic quinoa from Peru

Quinoa and sweet potato bowl

Did you know that quinoa is a great ally to prevent colon cancer? That’s right, because of its high protein content, quinoa is a cereal that protects us from this disease that afflicts many people in the world and today we bring you the Bowl of quinoa with sweet potato, the perfect accompaniment to your meals.


1 cup ASPAGRO quinoa
2 cups of spinach chopped
2 cooked sweet potatoes
1 tablespoon of coriander
½ cup of walnut
1/3 cup of water
Salt and pepper


Cook the quinoa, once cooked, reserve it
Wash, boil, and cut the spinach into strips
Peel, parboil and dice the sweet potatoes
Mix the quinoa, spinach and sweet potato in a bowl
To the mixture, add the fresh coriander and stir
For the dressing, blend the walnuts with a little water, salt and pepper
Serve to taste.

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