Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Mexican quinoa bowl

Mexican Quinoa Bowl Today we will give you a recipe full of vitamin B that will protect your skin from flaking, dehydration and aging. We’re talking about the Mexican Quinoa Bowl, which thanks to the nutritional properties of quinoa combined with the Mexican touch, will keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Ingredients:– 1 cup ASPAGRO […]

Quinoa Sushi

quinoa sushi

Quinoa Sushi Today we will merge a dish of oriental origin with our Peruvian quinoa to strengthen our neuronal health. The phosphorus of fish and the omega 3 of quinoa will boost our nervous system on this day with the rich recipe of Quinoa Sushi. INGREDIENTS– 1 cup ASPAGRO quinoa– 1 avocado– 1 kion– Nori […]

Banana Bread with Quinoa

Banana Bread with Quinoa Weekends are ideal for sharing with the family and if it is a member’s birthday, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate with the family, so today the potassium of the banana and the protein of our quinoa come together in a delicious Banana Bread with Quinoa. INGREDIENTS:– 4 eggs.– 4 […]

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Pepper

Bell pepper stuffed with quinoa

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Pepper Taking care of our health is very important; not only doing physical activities, but also taking care that our body carries oxygen to all parts of our body. This can only be achieved by having the right amount of red blood cells, that is why today we present you the Quinoa […]

Organic fertilizers in the soil

Organic fertilizers in the soil

Organic fertilizers in the soil Benefits of compost in soil care Soil is a natural resource that throughout history has provided sustenance for the population; however, with its growth, the demand for food has increased, putting pressure on this resource and causing damage. Among the actions to protect agricultural ecosystems and prevent their degradation, the […]

Buddha Bowl with Quinoa

Buddha Bowl with Quinoa Share with your family a nutritious dish that will regulate the blood pressure of your body, the Buddha Bowl with Quinoa is perfect for a balanced diet and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, join us to enjoy this tasty recipe. INGREDIENTS– 80 gr. of quinoa ASPAGRO– 200 gr. of carrots– 100 gr. of […]

Equal Treatment

equal treatment

Equal Treatment Fair Trade as a development strategy has among its certification criteria equal treatment between men and women, thus seeking to reduce and eradicate inequality gaps. The organizations that belong to this movement do not discriminate in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement on the basis of race, caste, origin, religion, […]

Quinoa Pesto Bowl

quinoa pesto bowl

Quinoa Pesto Bowl We are constantly on the move and exposed to many factors that wreak havoc on our skin cells, which is why it is important to consume foods rich in phosphorus. Today  we present to you the Quinoa Pesto Bowl, a dish for our cells and tissues to regenerate quickly. INGREDIENTS• 150 grs. […]

Quinoa Pancakes

quinoa pancakes

Quinoa Pancakes There is nothing more delicious than enjoying a healthy dessert, that is why today  we present you the Quinoa Pancakes, a dish rich in Omega 6 that benefits the health of our hair and skin. Take note of this recipe to enjoy as a family. INGREDIENTS• 200 gr. of quinoa ASPAGRO• 1 egg• […]

Peruvian Style Chicken with Rice and Quinoa

Peruvian Style Chicken with Rice and Quinoa Peruvian gastronomy is one of the most recognized worldwide, just like Peruvian quinoa, that is why today we merged two components of Peruvian gastronomy and result in a source of fiber for our bones, that’s why you We bring the Peruvian Style Chicken with Rice and Quinoa, a […]